Better Book Tour

Having authored detective novel An Exaggerated Murder and worked as a bookseller since 2004, Josh Cook has plenty of author event experience. Wanting to share his knowledge with other writers, Cook started Better Book Tour. This business gives authors tools to improve their live performances and make stronger connections with their audiences.

For the logo, I went with a simple mark, conveying not just books but the traveling – both in the literal sense and the figurative journeying – an author must take on in order to connect with book lovers. The font is subtly bookish – not heavy on the serifs nor blatantly typewriter – and the bold red and black appeals to authors determined to gain a solid delivery style.BBT wordmark RGB

I had only a vague idea what I wanted from a logo, but through the questionnaire and our subsequent conversation, Matt led me through a range of ideas until we found a solid concept that he turned into the perfect visualization of my small business. Matt was open to my thoughts and responsive to the needs of my business. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a logo or other graphic design work.
Josh Cook – Owner, Better Book Tour