Bluegrass Printmakers

Logo for Bluegrass Printmakers of Lexington, Kentucky

I recently began serving as Vice President of Lexington, Kentucky’s Bluegrass Printmakers, so I’m excited that my first big project was designing a new logo and freshening up the organization’s branding.


With input from fellow printmakers, I set out to create a versatile mark that would appeal to both experienced printmakers as well as newcomers. When designing an arts organization’s logo, it can be tempting to go in an “artsy” direction, but I believe the mark should stay simple so as to contrast rather than conflict with whatever art it will have to work alongside. That simplicity also allowed for a wide color palette. While we’ll primarily use this in blues (and white overlays), we decided to have on hand versions in red, purple, gold, and green … because, hey, we still have to get a little artsy sometimes.


To learn more about Bluegrass Printmakers, head to And if you’d like to check out my printmaking work, visit this page and follow @mattrenoprints.




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