Paper City Strength and Conditioning

When personal trainer Tom Reynolds decided to open a new studio in downtown Holyoke, Massachusetts, he knew he wanted to focus on local. Competing against nationwide fitness chains meant having to demonstrate to Holyokers the advantages of supporting their community and working with a trainer who has grown up in and run many miles across this city.

He wanted that message to start with the name and logo. Holyoke’s nineteenth century prowess in the paper industry earned it the nickname “Paper City.” As for the logo, the barbell icon is secondary to the depiction of Mount Tom, a beautiful, well-known landmark in the Connecticut River Valley. The all-green color scheme is a nod to Holyoke’s Irish heritage. Originally named Ireland Parish, this Western Mass. city’s 400,000-spectator St. Patrick’s Day parade has been an institution since 1952. Incorporating local tradition into his branding, Reynolds hopes his business will also become a local institution one day.

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