Graphic design is great, but I like to get my hands dirty too. That’s where printmaking comes in. I’m a member of Lexington non-profit Bluegrass Printmakers, and I create handmade prints, available for purchase below. Note: Standard shipping to U.S. is built into price. Anything beyond that will require a higher fee, so please contact me before purchasing.

For fun graphic images available on multiple products (prints, stickers, phone cases, and more), visit my Redbubble store.


Celebremos (red and blue)

I carved this block for Hispanic Heritage Month and made a print in orange. My wife suggested I make different "Celebremos" prints with colors to match flags of various Hispanic places. With the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria still ongoing, Puerto Rico was the first one I considered. While the focus is on recovering and rebuilding right now, I hope the people of Puerto Rico have something to celebrate in the near future. I encourage you to make a disaster relief donation.


Celebremos (orange)

Original orange print for Hispanic Heritage Month. Linocut, 2017



Linocut relief print, created in 2017. What's cooler than a T-rex on the moon? How about having a print of one in your home? It's a great gift for kids or for any adult who can't decide what's more awesome: dinosaurs or astronauts.


The Bell Tolls

Linocut relief print, made in 2017.



Yes, Vermont is a landlocked state. There are no whales there, not even in Lake Champlain (though the white whale is the state fossil since Vermont was underwater during the Paleozoic Era). This print is a tribute to an iconic sculpture located in South Burlington, Vermont. From Wikipedia: "'Reverence' is a sculpture in Vermont created by Jim Sardonis in 1989 that depicts two tails of whales 'diving' into a sea of grass. It is meant to symbolize the fragility of the planet. The tails were made from 36 tons of African black granite and stand 12-13 feet tall." When driving on I-89, I know I'm almost done with a very long car trip when I finally pass the Whale Tales. Linocut relief print, 2017, 8.5 x 11 in