Graphic design is great, but I like to get my hands dirty too. That’s where printmaking comes in. I’m a member of Lexington non-profit Bluegrass Printmakers, and I create handmade prints, mostly linocut. Click on any image below to visit my Etsy shop.

For fun graphic images available on multiple products (prints, stickers, phone cases, and more), visit my Redbubble store.

Sligo, Ireland linocut print

Castle Hill Lighthouse Rhode Island linocut print


Viceroy Butterfly linocut print

Stout linocut print




Spicy - Pumpkin head linocut print in orange


Print is Not Dead zombie linocut print




Vermont Whales Tales linocut printBarley German Shepherd print



Dinonaut linocut print


The Bell Tolls linocut print



Celebremos linocut print


Country Road Heart Celtic Knot


Dragon Flame Celtic Knot


Flagship's Celtic Knot